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Dinosaur Games List

Dinosaur Games List

  • Written by DinoInfo

We've scoured the net searching for games relating to dinosaurs for you all to play. Below you can play some of these gems. Although they may not all be memorable, they all have to do in one way or another with dinosaurs (including some of them being made while dinosaurs probably still walked the earth Wink). Enjoy and if you have any hints or clues, feel free to login and leave a message.

Below you can find a couple of dinosaur related games. Each game has a snapshot and a short description.

List of Dinosaur Games:

Dinosaur games - Caveman the game

Caveman (5.5 meg)

Play the superhero caveman against numerous evil baddies. Armed with your mud slinging slingshot venture through pre-historic times to rescue your girlfriend. Along the way of course you'll be battling various dinosaurs.

Dinobabies (0.5 meg)

A very basic game. Keep the dinosaurs happy by feeding and putting them to sleep. It may start out slow but by the third level you're keeping busy.

Dinosaur Games - Dinobabies the game

Dinosaur Games - Dino Drop the game

Dino Drop (0.5 meg)

Switch around the eggs by clicking them individually to group together sets of similar eggs. A fun puzzle type game to take your mind off of the real world for a little while.

Dinok (2.3 meg)

Play as three separate dinosaurs, each with a sweet skill like stomp, eat, and jump, and navigate them through this dangerous pre-historic world. This is a puzzle type game seeing that you'll have to figure out how to pass each stage with all your dinosaurs... Even though at times it will seem easier to leave one or two slow ones behind they're all needed for later in the game.

Dinosaur games - Dinok the game

Dinosaur Games - Extinct the game

Extinct (0.5 meg)

It's the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it... and i feel fine, as long as i can collect these sweet colored eggs which seem to be falling from the sky... Doesn't really make to much sense, but a fun game nonetheless.

Hunga Hatch (0.6 meg)

As time goes by, group the dinosaurs together and click the group to get them to disappear. Seems easy at the start but further along this game becomes very addictive. Bombs, and different dinosaurs work their way into the upper levels and mayhem ensues.

Dinosaur Game - Hungahatch the game

Dinosaur Games - Prehistoric the game

Prehistoric (2.6 meg)

Your a very colored dinosaur in a very colorful world. What do you do, well to start: destroy enemies, collect eggs, jump on springs, stomp, slide down hills. And that's just the beginning. Join this colorful pink dino as he explores this detailed setting.

Prehistoric Downfall (9.7 meg)

Welcome to the new prehistoric world. Same dino, but a wildly different adventure. If you enjoyed playing prehistoric 1 be sure and check out this new dinosaur world!

Ps... He still stomps, slides, and is still rocking the pink Cool

Dinosaur Games - Prehistoric Downfall the game

Dinosaur Games - Prehistoriks the game

Prehistoriks (0.2 meg)

You're a caveman with a mission... To destroy the evil.... bumble bees? Well reality aside, this game is the classic starship shooter, but cast in prehistoric times. Fly through this world throwing axes, shooting fireballs, and just trying to survive.

La disparition des dinosaures