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Dinosaur Sounds

Dinosaur Sounds

The following are various dinosaur sounds (aka, roars, noises, howls). My grandfather left me with lots (aside from lack of hair), including a rusty old time machine.. So I've risked my life and ventured back into the past to record some dinosaur sounds. These are just for fun and actually don't represent what dinosaurs actually sounded like. Instead it is an interpretation. Enjoy!

But do beware because it's said that the call of a dinosaur can attract others Wink.

The following files are in wav format and should play with Windows Media Player (or similar)

# Article Title Author Hits
# Article Title Author Hits
1 Allosaurus Sound DinoInfo 25255
2 Baby Triceratops Sound DinoInfo 19175
3 Brachiosaurus Sound DinoInfo 14701
4 Brontosaurus Sound DinoInfo 12362
5 Carnotaurus Sound DinoInfo 10808
6 Compsognathus Sound DinoInfo 8869
7 Compsognathus Sound (#2) DinoInfo 7743
8 Desmatosuchus Sound DinoInfo 306
9 Dilophosaurus Sound DinoInfo 11691
10 Dromaeosaurus Sound DinoInfo 7312
11 Eoraptor Sound DinoInfo 8145
12 Gallimimus Sound DinoInfo 8021
13 Guanlong Sound DinoInfo 7507
14 Nigersaurus Sound DinoInfo 8278
15 Pachycephalosaurus Sound DinoInfo 8269
16 Parasaurolophus Sound DinoInfo 14574
17 Stegosaurus Sound DinoInfo 12492
18 T-Rex Sound DinoInfo 18476
19 T-Rex Sound (#2) DinoInfo 10965
20 T-Rex Sound (#3) DinoInfo 9100
21 T-Rex Sound (#4) DinoInfo 9994
22 Tarchia Sound DinoInfo 6723
23 Torosaurus Sound DinoInfo 7670
24 Velociraptor Sound DinoInfo 25376
La disparition des dinosaures